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Apology By Tony McClelland To The FHA

September 2005

‘In August 1995 I published a newsletter which reproduced an article about Jeremy Griffith, Tim Macartney-Snape, the Foundation for Humanity’s Adulthood and its members. The article made allegations against them that were untrue and hurtful. I withdraw any such allegations and apologise for any offence which was caused.’

Tony McClelland made the above apology on 23 September 2005 to the FHA in settlement of the defamation action brought against him in relation to a 1995 newsletter he published.

Despite having no formal qualification in the area, Mr McClelland became a self-appointed authority and provider of information on organisations he believed to be having a damaging impact in the Australian community. At the time he managed to gain a significant profile in the media.

In respect to the FHA, Mr McClelland and his organisation became prominent detractors of the FHA, which he was referred to by those campaigning against the FHA and its work leading up to and during the 1995 media attack on the FHA.

At no point prior to or after publishing his newsletter did Mr McClelland contact the FHA to offer a right of reply or the opportunity to present a balancing viewpoint. This was despite Mr McClelland being aware at the time of publication that the FHA strongly rejected the allegations and that there was cause for serious doubt about their validity. When the FHA later complained to Mr McClelland he did not respond.

This apology is another very important step for the FHA, its directors and members in achieving proper vindication on these issues and they thank Mr McClelland for making this apology, which they accept.

The ‘article’ referred to in this apology has since been found to be defamatory of the FHA by a NSW Supreme Court jury.