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Our Fundamental Complaint

The critically important work of the Foundation for Humanity’s Adulthood (FHA)—now known as the World Transformation Movement (WTM) — has been set back years by the appalling and unjust stigma cast by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and the John Fairfax newspaper The Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) in their 1995 publications.

More importantly, however, the legal proceedings against these organisations are not just about redressing the serious and far-reaching damage that has been done to many livelihoods and reputations — this litigation is about fighting to restore and maintain the freedom for new ideas to be debated fairly and tolerantly in our society.


Humans have been engaged in a search for knowledge, ultimately towards self-knowledge, for two million years, and it is this frontier that science (specifically biology) now faces — as the renowned biologist E.O. Wilson stated, ‘The human condition is the most important frontier of the natural sciences’ (Consilience, 1998, p. 298 of 374). The human condition is the crucial area of inquiry into which humans must venture if there is to be a worthwhile future for our race and our planet.

But rather than leading inquiry into the human condition, these media organisations have effectively been proponents of ignorance. They have failed their primary and public duty. As such, the FHA and its members are determined to bring the ABC, in particular, to account and in so doing help restore the moral and social fibre our national broadcaster once had.


What the FHA is really up against is the dishonesty of the politically-correct culture that is chronic in many parts of the ABC and the SMH.

Their solution to the problems facing humanity is to dogmatically impose idealism on the world. Theirs is a culture that denies reality, that treats the underlying real issue before us as a species of the human condition as an anathema. The FHA’s inquiry into the human condition challenges their culture of denial and like any denial it vehemently resists exposure. However, if there is to be any future for the human race humans must find the courage to face the issue of the human condition.