The Human Condition Documentary Proposal



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The Human Condition - The impasse-breaking documentary



This is a proposal to make a 4-part documentary series about the biology of the human conditionhumans’ capacity for both ‘good’ and ‘evil’.


The proposal is being put forward by WTM Publishing & Communications, an Australian based organisation established to present information about this all-important subject.


We believe the human condition is the underlying issue in all human affairs, the stalling point in human progress and the subject that science must now address. The purpose of this documentary is to prise open debate about the human condition.


The making of this documentary will require true courage because the human condition is the most difficult issue for humans to deal with, individually and collectivelyit is the subjective dimension to life. However, by applying rational science and forward thinking, this documentary presents an amazingly powerful and positive story about human life. As stated in the accompanying synopses, ‘Humanity’s journey has been astonishing, the greatest, most heroic story ever told is our own.’


The proposed documentary series is comprised of 4 parts:



The Human Condition


Part 1

God: The Question of God, Meaning and Purposeand The Human Condition


Part 2

Soul: The Question of the Existence of Moral Instincts in Humans
and The Human Condition


Part 3

Consciousness: The Question of Consciousness, What Is It
and How Did It Emergeand The Human Condition


Part 4

The Human Condition: The Question of How to Reconcile and
Ameliorate Our Estranged, Alienated Human Condition



To illustrate the potential of the proposed series we have compiled and enclosed a ‘rough-cut’ pilot DVD of Part 2 (now available on request from the WTM for a small fee).

Read/Print Transcript of the pilot DVD of Part 2.


On the above DVD of Part 2 we have also included a pdf file of this proposal.


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To help generate support from scientists, philosophers, psychologists, theologians and sponsors, and the interest of a courageous producer for this impasse-breaking documentary, we plan to undertake an around-the-world lecture tour in the first half of 2005, concentrating on the United Kingdom and the United States.


(PLEASE NOTE, that since launching the project to make a documentary about the human condition we have learnt that the explanation of the human condition has to be accompanied by the mechanism for coping with the difficult self-confrontation that understanding of the human condition unavoidably brings. As a result, and this is explained on our WTM website, we are now planning to make a broader documentary incorporating both the biological explanation of the human condition and the psychological transformed way of coping with that confronting exposure.)


We would value the opportunity to meet with you during this time to discuss the proposal or present its content more broadly to your colleagues.


We also welcome suggestions of any key people you feel may be interested in reviewing this proposal, and/or would appreciate a commendation from you that may help engage further interest in this critical undertaking.


Developments will be posted at our website: <www.wtmpublishing.com>.


The proposal (with synopses) can also be found on our website; we welcome requests
to copy and distribute this document.


We very much hope you find this proposal of special interest.





WTM Publishing & Communications would like to introduce the coordinator of this proposal, Tim Macartney-Snape. Tim is an Australian biologist and world-renowned mountaineer. He was the first Australian to climb Mt Everest and he climbed it a second time solo from sea level, both times without supplementary oxygen. He is also a twice-honoured Order of Australia recipient and a Founding Director and Patron of the Foundation for Humanity’s Adulthood (now known as the World Transformation Movement (WTM), which was established in 1983 to study the human condition. WTM P&C is a company established to publish and promote studies of the human condition, including work from the WTM.



The 4 synopses for this proposed documentary series on the human condition have been written for WTM P&C by Australian biologist Jeremy Griffith. Jeremy is the author of five books, Free: The End Of The Human Condition (1988), Beyond The Human Condition (1991) and A Species In Denial (2003) which became a bestseller in Australia, New Zealand and the UK. These books and his more recent publications Freedom: Expanded (2009), The Book of Real Answers to Everything! (2011) and FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition (2016) are available at www.worldtransformation.com/publications.

Jeremy is a Founding Director and Patron of the WTM.


(Note: The rough-cut pilot DVD of Part 2 is not for broadcast and is strictly for the purposes of generating support for the documentary.)