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(Included as A3 sized insert in The Weekend Australian 7/6/03)

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The Naked But Dignifying Truth About Humans


Why are we competitive and aggressive when the ideals are to be cooperative and loving?’ That is the real question about humans.

While we have had to cope with the whole depressing issue of our condition by living in denial of it, the question remains, ‘why are we the way we are?’– and the truth is, without self-understanding there can be no real progress.

It is the crucial question of the human condition, that biologist Jeremy Griffith answers.

A Species In Denial is composed of :

Foreword by world renowned biologist and Templeton Prize winner, Professor Charles Birch.

Introduction to the subject of the human condition and four extraordinary essays:

1. Deciphering Plato’s Cave Allegory, an explanation of how biology can liberate humanity from its human condition afflicted ‘cave’ existence.

2. Resignation, the most critical event in anyone’s life which until now has been a forbidden subject. This essay explains how adolescents try to grapple with the human condition, but finding no answers other than ‘that’s life’ they learn to resign themselves to a life of denial of the depressing subject.

3. Bringing Peace To The War Between The Sexes & The Denial-Free History Of The Human Race, some of the deepest wounds have been caused by the lack of understanding between men and women. With understanding of the human condition, the rift between the sexes can at last be explained and healed. Also the Denial-Free History of the human race can finally be acknowledged.

4. The Demystification Of Religion, a powerful demonstration of how understanding the human condition makes it possible to demystify the world of religious metaphysics and dogma.

Note: the first 20 pages of the Introduction of A Species In Denial are available here.


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Jeremy Griffith was raised on a sheep station in NSW, Australia, educated at Geelong Grammar School and later graduated in biology from Sydney University.

He spent six years in the wilds of Tasmania where he undertook the most thorough investigation ever into the plight of the Tasmanian Tiger. During this time, aged 27, Jeremy shifted his exploratory focus to humanity, which has stayed his life objective for the last 30 years.

Jeremy is a Director of the Foundation for Humanity’s Adulthood (FHA), a non-profit organisation committed to promoting this new frontier of thinking. Famed mountaineer, Tim Macartney-Snape AM, is also a Director.


Profound thinkers throughout history have variously attempted to explain the human condition, yet in the absence of sufficient scientific knowledge they have struggled to bring relieving insight to our human situation.

Finally, this crux issue before us as a species has been explained with reconciling, dignifying biological understanding.

In A Species In Denial, Griffith presents a straightforward scientific treatise that builds upon the wisdom of past thinkers and ultimately liberates the human race.

This book breaks through the denial which so strongly prevents people from securely looking at the human condition, a subject which historically has been ‘off limits’.

‘The human condition is the most important frontier of natural sciences.’
Edward O. Wilson, Consilience, 1998

‘Our alienation goes to the roots. The realization of this is the essential springboard for any serious reflection on any aspect of present inter human life.’
R.D. Laing, The Politics of Experience, 1967

‘Man everywhere is dangerously unaware of himself. We really know nothing about the nature of man, and unless we hurry to get to know ourselves we are in dangerous trouble.’
Sir Laurens van der Post, Jung and The Story of Our Time, 1976

‘Man, know thyself.’
The words the ancients emblazoned across their temples.

A Species In Denial expands on Jeremy’s existing works, Free: The End Of The Human Condition (1988) and Beyond The Human Condition (1991).


Note: Since the publication of A Species in Denial Jeremy Griffith has written The Human Condition Documentary Proposal (2004), The Great Exodus: From the horror and darkness of the human condition (2006) Freedom: Expanded (2009), The Book of Real Answers to Everything! (2011) and FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition (2015). While A Species in Denial provides an in-depth analysis of the main aspects of Jeremy’s account of the human condition, FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition, is the definitive, main presentation of Jeremy Griffith's breakthrough biological synthesis on the human condition, while its condensation, Transform Your Life And Save The World is the recommended access to these understandings that save the world. Freedom: Expanded presents the comprehensive account of his insights, which means it will eventually incorporate the content of all his books and writings.