A Species In Denial
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by Jeremy Griffith, published 2003

A Species In Denial Becomes A Bestseller

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Since its launch in June 2003 A Species In Denial has become a bestseller in Australia and New Zealand where it continues to sell well. In October 2006 it was displayed as a ‘Bestseller’ on the Angus & Robertson website and in September 2005 was listed in the ‘Bestsellers for the last 12 months’ in the Science section of the Australian online bookshop ( provides book information, including bestseller lists, to about 80 online bookshops including Angus and Robertson, Collins and Readings.) In 2003 and 2004 A Species In Denial was consistently in the Nielsen Bookscan top 10 list of best-selling science books in Australia, twice reaching number 1. It was placed on the Bestseller shelves in many major book stores around Australia and New Zealand and also appeared in numerous bestseller lists.

Opposite is an October 2004 photo showing A Species In Denial prominently displayed in the centre of the science section of one of Australia’s biggest bookshops, Borders Bookstore at the Macquarie Centre, North Ryde, Sydney.

We were told by our distributor that A Species In Denial was ‘becoming one of those very rare books, like dictionaries and atlases and bibles, that become “basic stock” for bookshops in Australia’. Our distributors are now into a second print run.

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Philosophy - Good & Evil Bestseller - June 2004

A Species In Denial appeared as one of the top-selling books on the world’s leading online bookshop’s Philosophy - Good & Evil Bestseller list.

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Online ‘Recent Bestseller’ List – May 2004

Almost 12 months after its Australasian launch, A Species In Denial appeared on the Recent Bestseller list in the Psychology & Psychiatry Categories section in about 80 online bookshops, including Angus & Robertson, Collins, Readings and more.

A Species In Denial

A bestseller in Australasia, A Species In Denial features a Foreword by Templeton Prize winning biologist, Charles Birch.and was launched in 2003.

The book addresses the crux issue of the human condition, our capacity for good and evil, describing how humans have coped with the dilemma by living in denial of it. It then explains the biological reason for the human condition, ending the denial and maturing humanity to psychological freedom. It examines science, religion, politics, psychiatry, mythology, men and women.

By: Griffith, Jeremy
Publisher: FHA Publishing & Communication
ISBN: 1741290007
Format: Paperback - C Format
Online Price: $34.95 Logo Readings Books and Music Logo Angus and Robertson Logo
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Best-seller position (science category) of A Species In Denial in Australia & New Zealand – 2003/2004>

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online bookshop 21 June 2003

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