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“Solves The Human Condition
And Saves The World!”
“THE most important
interview of all time”Professor. Harry Prosen — Former president
of the Canadian Psychiatric AssociationAssn.

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The World Transformation Movement (WTM) is a global not-for-profit charity that promotes Australian biologist Jeremy Griffith’s breakthrough resolution of the underlying problem in all human affairs of the human condition — thereby ending human conflict and suffering at its source, and providing the now urgently needed road map for the complete transformation of our lives and world!


Intro video66:17 min THE Interview Introductory interview
Main Videos - 124:01 min Jeremy Griffith presenting in studio Your block to the most wonderful of all gifts
Video 206:45 min Jeremy Griffith presenting savage instincts excuse The false ‘savage
instincts’ excuse
Video 314:28 min Jeremy Griffith explaining the human condition THE EXPLANATION of
the human condition!
Video 465:20 min Jeremy Griffith explaining the instinct vs intellect The ‘instinct vs intellect’ explanation is obvious
Video 509:02 min Tony Gowing explaining the transformation process The transformation of
the human race!!
Video 633:57 min Brain Cartlon interviewing Jeremy Griffith in studio Wonderfully illuminating discussion
Video 703:28 min Professor Harry Prosen at the Milwaukee County zoo Praise from Professor
Harry Prosen
Video 805:45 min Franklin Mukakanga presenting in studio “How this liberated
me from racism”
Video 903:00 min Anna Fitzgerald presentation “This is the real liberation of women”
Video 1028:04 min Jeremy Griffith explaining what the human condition is What exactly is the
human condition?
Video 1138:57 min Jeremy Griffith holding a book The difficulty of reading FREEDOM and the solution
Video 1259:44 min Jeremy Griffith pointing to an 'Adam Stork' diagram One hour summarising talk
Video 1304:45 min Four stars indicating the deaf effect course program The WTM Deaf Effect Course
Video 1450:48 min Jeremy Griffith presenting in studio Dishonest biology leads to human extinction

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  • Professor Harry Prosen Profile Picture
  • “I have no doubt Jeremy Griffith’s book FREEDOM provides the holy grail of insight we have sought for the psychological rehabilitation of the human race. This is the book we have been waiting for, it is the book that saves the world.”

    Professor Harry Prosen,
    Former President of the Canadian Psychiatric Association & WTM Patron, who, heartbreakingly, died in 2021. Read his obituary.


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The world is in crisis! Polarised politics, conflict, corruption, failed states, refugees, rampant levels of anxiety, loneliness and depression, family breakdown, drugs, fraught younger generations, environmental devastation. What’s the solution? Only the redeeming, reconciling and transforming biological understanding of the human condition can save us, and it is precisely that insight that is presented in biologist Jeremy Griffith’s book FREEDOM.

  • Professor Harry Prosen Profile Picture
  • “This understanding of the human condition will end all prejudices, like racism, forever.”

    Franklin Mukakanga,
    Advertising director & radio host, Zambia


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64 Freedom Essays

Subscribers to the WTM are sent two Freedom Essays each week free of charge to learn about the fabulous new transformed world that opens up for all humans now that understanding of the human condition has been found. These 64 essays, mostly by Jeremy Griffith, cover all the main subjects in FREEDOM in wonderfully illustrated bite-sized portions.

You can even read or listen to these essays right now, and you’ll see all aspects of human life finally explained, including:

  • Dr Anna Fitzgerald Profile Picture
  • “This explanation brings about the true liberation of women and the reconciliation of the sexes, which is truly extraordinary”

    Dr Anna Fitzgerald,
    Molecular biologist, genome projects strategist


  • Thought Leaders
  • ‘[Professor Stephen Hawking] is most interested in your impressive proposal.’
  • ‘In all of written history there are only 2 or 3 people who’ve been able to think on this scale about the human condition.’ Dr Anthony Barnett, Prof. of Zoology – But now everyone can confront it!
  • ‘Frankly, I [Dr Patricia Glazebrook, Prof. of Philosophy] am blown away by the ground-breaking significance of this work.’
  • ‘I’ve [Sir David Attenborough] no doubt a fascinating television series could be made based upon this.’
  • ‘[FREEDOM is] the necessary breakthrough in the critical issue of needing to understand ourselves.’ Dr David J. Chivers, fmr Pres. Primate Society of Britain
  • ‘Whack! Wham! I was converted by Griffith’s erudite explanation for our behaviour.’ Macushla O’Loan, Executive Women’s Report
  • ‘This is indeed impressive.’ Dr Roger Lewin, preeminent science writer
  • ‘I have recommended Griffith’s work for his razor-sharp biological clarifications.’ Dr Scott Churchill, Prof. of Psychology
  • ‘I consider the book to be the work of a prophet.’ Dr Ron Strahan, fmr. dir. Sydney Taronga Zoo
  • ‘You never forget the moment when you realise this really does explain the human condition.’ Brian Carlton, broadcaster and media personality
  • ‘A superb book, a forward view of a world of humans no longer in naked competition.’ Dr John Morton, Prof. of Zoology
  • ‘I’m simply’s so impressive.’ Joseph Chilton Pearce, bestselling author of Magical Child
  • ‘This might bring about a paradigm shift in the self-image of humanity.’ Dr M. Csikszentmihalyi, Prof. of Psychology
  • ‘As a therapist this is a simply brilliant explanation.’ Jayson Firmager, Founder of Holistic Therapist Magazine
  • ‘The questions you raise stagger me into silence; most admirable.’ Ian Frazier, author Great Plains bestseller
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  • General Public
  • ‘Griffith should be given Nobel prizes for peace, biology, medicine; actually every Nobel prize there is!’
  • ‘If Plato and Aristotle were alive and read Griffith, they would die happy men.’
  • FREEDOM will be the most influential, world-changing book in history, and time will now be delineated as BG, before Griffith, or AG, after Griffith.’
  • ‘I don't care what question you have, this book will answer it.’
  • ‘This is the most exciting moment in my life. THE Interview tore my hat off & let my brain fly into the sky!’
  • THE Interview should be globally broadcast daily. The healing explanation humans so sorely need.’
  • ‘There is no greater breakthrough needed right now. Water to a world dying of thirst.’
  • ‘Dawn has come at Midnight! A brilliant exposition, we could be on the cusp of regaining Paradise!’
  • ‘This man has broken the great silence, defeated our denial, got the truth up, woken us from a great trance.’
  • ‘Your brain will want to reject it but if you stay with it its truth is actually pure relief.’
  • ‘The Book of Jeremy. A red pill moment. Definitely the last book I’ll ever need to read.’
  • ‘John Lennon pleaded “just give me some truth”, well this site finally gives us all  the truth!’
  • FREEDOM is the most profound book since the Bible, now with the redeeming truth about us humans.’
  • Death by Dogma is brilliant clarification.’
  • ‘We were given a computer brain, but no program for it; but Aha, Griffith has found it, made sense of our lives!’
  • ‘We all need to go back to school & learn this truthful explanation of life.’
  • ‘Join in our jubilation, your magic reunites, all men become brothers, all good all bad, be embraced millions! This kiss [of understanding] for the whole world’ – From Beethoven’s 9th (par.1049 F)
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As word of the emergence of this dreamed-of, human-condition-resolved, genuinely relieving and exciting new world for every human spreads, no one will want to stay in the old embattled world — and from horizon to horizon will appear a great sunshine multitude on the sunshine highway to the world in sunshine! So visit our rapidly growing COMMUNITY and join our chat facility and social media groups, and participate in online meetings, and become a WTM member, and join or start a WTM Centre in your area.

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While THE Interview and videos 1–4 and 14 at the top of this page are the best introductory presentations through which to learn about the human condition and its amelioration, the following videos by Jeremy Griffith and others offer incredible insight into the unlocking power of this greatest of all breakthroughs.

SEE ALL THE MAIN WTM VIDEOS, which include the following:


The WTM has produced and promoted numerous publications since 1983, including a bestseller, all of which are freely available. Please note that Jeremy Griffith’s 2016 book, FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition, is the definitive presentation of Jeremy Griffith’s breakthrough biological treatise on the human condition, and it and its condensations, THE Interview That Solves The Human Condition And Saves The World!, and Transform Your Life And Save The World, are the best publications through which to learn about the subject.

SEE ALL WTM PUBLICATIONS, which include the following:


The non-profit World Transformation Movement provides the structure and support for the enormous relief, excitement and transformation that is made possible by understanding the human condition.Learn more about the Transformation